Superfast Ferries


An exclusive preview of the newest Superfast Ferry and the planned routes between Scotland and mainland Europe.

Produce and deliver a successful preview reception for honoured guests on Superfast VII, showcasing the ferry and the planned routes


Well attended by press, invited guests, ministers and VIP's.
Event was produced within a timeframe of four weeks.
Positive response received by guests and press.
A daily service between Scotland and Europe began in 2002.

"The preview launch was a great day for Superfast Ferries and all that sailed on her first voyage. I knew that we were in very professional, secure, competent and creative hands."
Mr Panagopolus, Managing Director

"It was a pleasure and lots of fun to work with Angelfish. The day was stress free and flowed with great ease for the staff and the guests that previewed the ship on the day."
Mr Panagopolus Snr, Chairman