Training and Consultancy

Training and Consultancy Programmes are one of Angelfish’s new business developments

Deliver Exceptional Organisation

Master the Profession

The Secrets to Building Great Events & Conferences

How does this relate to YOU: -
Career enhancement for your personal growth or for your staff is a way for all businesses to maximise their intellectual people assets. Your clients want to experience the growth and success of your staff alongside your company and products.

Do you or your team members have the time to attend expensive training programmes away from the office?

Do you have the time to organise an event and still do your current job?

Do you or your team find producing events all-consuming: creating stress and an increased workload?

Would you like tips and secrets on how to achieve event organisation efficiently, in shorter time frames whilst being cost effective?

How do you create unique, exciting, memorable, fun, professional events & conferences within a restricted budget, time frame and challenging venue?

Where does your inspiration come from? How do you make your events cutting edge and stand out from your competitors?

Events & conferences create opportunities for you to meet your clients face-to-face, build relationships, present your products and meet your staff. They enable you to create future sales leads and provide a continual communication link.

You and your staff can create the winning formula for the perfect day time after time.

Angelfish offer a consultancy service, design and create personalised courses to suit your company business strategy and meet the needs of the individual as well as the needs of your team.

Take advantage of 20 years of experience and knowledge.

Contact Angelfish Director, Elle Gordon for further information on 0141 331 1617 or email


Angelfish have a unique member of staff. Her name is Porcha. She is beautiful, lively, fun, friendly to our clients and creates lots of energy around the office.
To ensure that we never forget she's around she takes care of things like pens, files and in particular lunch boxes…

You guessed it! She’s our four-legged member of staff - a magnificent Black Newfoundland. At least she fits in with our theme - as a water-rescue dog she may be useful one day in the Angelfish Ocean!

Porcha was good enough to find us a picture of one of her working friends, Jerry Milton who works for Not Just Food, London.

If you know of other working canines in Scotland please email your pictures to and we will put them up on our Angeldogs page.

Angeldogs will soon be launching accessories and on-line products in Scotland. If you are a dog lover or have friends who are then keep a watchful eye on our site.

Tell all your friends about our new development or provide us with their e-mail and we will send them information on the launch of Angeldogs.